Advanced control

Extra debug context items that work on individual media items can be enabled in the add-on settings. “AB: Remove all artwork” will remove all artwork from the single selected item. “AB: Log debug info” will run through the automatic process like “AB: Add missing artwork” and logs the result to the standard Kodi log, but it doesn’t change anything (helpful for troubleshooting).


Scripts, skins, and other add-ons can use commands to control bits and pieces of Artwork Beef.

Run automatic processing on the library

You can disable the automatic processing after library updates and schedule them with something like the Kodi Callbacks add-on or trigger them in some other way.

  • Process new items
    • NotifyAll(script.artwork.beef:control, ProcessNewVideos)
    • NotifyAll(script.artwork.beef:control, ProcessNewMusic)
  • Process new and old items, but not all in between
    • NotifyAll(script.artwork.beef:control, ProcessNewAndOldVideos)
    • NotifyAll(script.artwork.beef:control, ProcessNewAndOldMusic)
  • Update local artwork only for all items in the video library
    • NotifyAll(script.artwork.beef:control, ProcessLocalVideos)

Run Artwork Beef on individual media items

Like the context menu items generally under “Manage …", skins can add them somewhere else.

  • RunScript(script.artwork.beef, mode=gui, mediatype=tvshow, dbid=$INFO[ListItem.DBID])

mode can also be “auto”, and mediatype can be “tvshow”, “movie”, “episode”, “set”, “musicvideo”, “artist”, “album”, and “song”.

mode=gui isn’t a complete replacement for Kodi’s built in “Choose art” dialog: users can’t unset artwork from this dialog, nor can they manually navigate to and select other images in the file system.

Watch for notifications

Artwork Beef will send out a notification when the library processing is finished.

  • The sender is script.artwork.beef and the message is Other.OnVideoProcessingFinished or Other.OnMusicProcessingFinished.