Artwork Beef An add-on for Kodi

Artwork Beef automatically adds extra artwork for media in your media libraries. It is generally intended to handle extended artwork just as Kodi and scrapers already do for basic artwork. It grabs artwork from the file system and wonderful web services,, The Movie Database,, and KyraDB.

It is developed for Kodi 17 Krypton, and should also work for 16 Jarvis and 18 Leia. 15 Isengard may still work, but it’s really time to update. 19 Matrix is not supported.
Support and feedback thread on the Kodi forums.
Source hosted on GitHub.

It fully supports series and season artwork from; movie, movie set, music video, series, and season artwork from; movie and movie set artwork from The Movie Database; music video artwork from TheAudioDB, and some movie artwork from KyraDB. For those series that really pop, high-quality fanart for each episode can be added from The Movie Database. The music library is supported in Kodi 18 Leia for artists, albums, and songs, with artwork from TheAudioDB and

The full list of artwork types grabbed from external web services:

media type art types
movies poster, keyart, fanart, banner, clearlogo, landscape, clearart, discart, characterart, animatedposter, animatedfanart, animatedkeyart
movie sets poster, keyart, fanart, banner, clearlogo, landscape, clearart, discart
music videos poster (album/single cover), discart, fanart, artistthumb, banner, clearlogo, clearart, landscape
series poster, keyart, fanart, banner, clearlogo, landscape, clearart, characterart
seasons poster, fanart, banner, landscape
episodes fanart
artists thumb, fanart, banner, clearlogo, clearart, landscape
albums thumb (album cover), discart, back, spine
songs thumb (single cover)

Local artwork stored in the file system is preferred if it exists, and Artwork Beef can be configured to download other artwork that is added.

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